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                                                                      Arthur Martello


  • New York University, Brooklyn College, New York City, Brooklyn, N.Y.
  • Long Island University, CW Post College, Brookville, N. Y.
 September 1982-June 1985
  Major: Educational Administration

  •   Adelphi University, Garden City, N.Y.
  M.S., September 1968
  Major: Speech Pathology and Audiology

  • St. John’s University, Queens, N.Y.
 B.A., June 1966
 Major: Speech

                                                                 Professional experience

1982 - 1999    Saint Francis de Sales School for the Deaf, Brooklyn, NY.                  
Supervisor of Speech & Hearing Services
  •        Supervision and evaluation of 12 Speech and language therapists, 2 Audiologists, 1 Audiotechnician,
  •        Coordination of Curriculum Development for the Speech Department
  •        Coordination of Parent Workshops
  •        Intake Speech & Language Evaluations
  •        Coordination of Cochlear Implant Program
  •        Multidisciplinary Team member
  •       Administer & Organize School Phonics Program
  •        Budgeting for and purchase of equipment, instructional material and supplies
  •        Student Teacher and Intern supervision
  •        Coordination of Computer Data Base & use of MacSchool Program
  •        Technology Committee Chairperson

1967 - 1982         
Saint Francis de Sales School for the Deaf , Brooklyn, N.Y.
Speech Pathologist
  •         Speech & articulation training, auditory training, speechreading development for hearing impaired students   
  •         Classroom teacher (3 years)
  •         Part time supervision

1994- 2000      
NY City Board of Education,  HHVI
Speech Pathologist
  •        Provide Bilingual Assessments (English/Sign) for deaf students ages 3-21
  •        Develop Individualized Education Plan

Margaretville Central School, Margaretville, N.Y.
Chairperson, Committee on Special Education/Committee on Preschool Special Education (CSE/CPSE)

  •       Prepare agendas,
  •       Schedule meetings of CSE and CPSE  
  •       Serve as district liason to BOCES as it relates to any district handicapped child
  •       Process all special transportation requirements
  •       Process necessary forms to generate income from all sources
  •       Maintain all CSE records
  •       Prepare budget data
  •       Prepare reports for the Board of Education as needed
  •       Oversee and administer Special Education IEP's,

WIOX 91.3 FM Community Radio, Roxbury, NY
Office Manager/Program Host
  • Manage daily office operation
  • Maintain station budget and expensesc
  • Order and maintain supplies and equipment
  • Maintain and keep record of the Public File as required by the FCC
  • Communicate with staff and outside sources
  • Develop and manage the station web site

                                                      Academic Appointments

1983 - 2000        Saint Joseph’s College, Brooklyn, N.Y.
Adjunct Senior Lecturer- Speech Department
  •        Anatomy & Physiology of the Speech and Hearing Mechanism
  •        Auditory Training and Speechreading
  •        Phonetics
  •        Audiology
  •        Acoustics

September 1980 - June 1985,
New York University, New York, New York
Adjunct Instructor- Department of Deafness Rehabilitation
  •        Principles of Speech Development in Hearing Impaired Children
  •        Practicum in Speech Development

September 1984 - June 1985     
Hunter College, New York, New York
Adjunct Lecturer- Department of Special Ed.
  •        Development of Speech in the Deaf Child

                                                    Professional Organizations

New York State Association of Educators of the Deaf  (Honorary Lifetime Member)
President (1976-1978)                                                  
Vice President (1975-1976)                                              
Treasurer (1973-1975)                                          
Convention Proceedings Chairperson (1970)                                   
Delegate (1969-1971)

Convention of American Instructors of the Deaf

A.G. Bell Association for the Deaf

Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development

                                       Certifications and Licenses

  •        Permanent NY State Certification in School Administration and  Supervision  
  •        Permanent NY State Certification to Teach the Speech and Hearing   Handicapped
  •        New York State License in Speech & Language Pathology  (#1081)
  •        Council on Education of the Deaf Certification in Speech
  •        Council on Education of the Deaf Certification in Administration & Supervision

                                    Publications and Presentations

Martello, A. and Kretschmer, R., Developing a Functional Coding- Screening Program: Implications and Relationship to Action-
Based Research. The Volta Review. Vol. 98.  No. 6 November, 1997

Martello, A. and Kretschmer, R., Developing a Test to Predict Encoding Abilities in Deaf Children (Unpublished Paper)
Presented at the International Reading Association Convention. May, 1997.

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York State Association of Educators of the Deaf Convention. November, 1996.
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Association Convention. June,1996.

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Convention. Rochester, June 1994

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CAID Convention. Baltimore, June 1993

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York state Educators of the Deaf Convention. October, 1986

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at the AG Bell International Convention. June, 1986

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Instructors of the Deaf. June, 1983

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