Known in her profession as Rapidan Schnozola, a Smooth Hair Fox Terrier, she made  a name
for herself by going to Mountainside, a local Senior residence to bring some joy to the
residents.  On November 16 2002,Schnoz and Rain became certified by
Delta, the pet therapy
certification organization. (now called Pet Partners) She remained a certified therapy dog and
brought great joy to many people who will miss her dearly.
Happy Halloween
Love that water
This is when they tried to bring me back to my
father in Cuba. Thank goodness  for that kind
fisherman who lived in our house protecting me.
Yep, that's me and the Easter Bunny himself. I know he is the real
Easter Bunny because he came to the CVS store in Margaretvile,
NY. They would not have a fake bunny .
Here I am when I was a puppy with my loving mom
Wonder if there's anything good to eat in
that pond?
That chipmunk is in there somewhere. If
I hold this pose I know he won't notice
Frisbee is my life.
Click photo for video
Christmas 2001
The Delta therapy team....
Daily Activities
Special Moments
Holiday Photos
Christmas 2002
and their work.
Christmas 2004
Is Spring here yet?
Don't ever let go
Try to take it
Here I am with my friend Peter Pan. Martin
Basheer tried to make a mockery of our
relationship....but Peter let me sleep on his
bed and he used the floor!!!!
Love walking with mom
Schnoz loves to kiss
Schnoz loves to cuddle
I have learned to sing and play keyboard.
Christmas 2005
Agility Training
Schnoz and Rain have begun agility
training. Click the photo below to see
a brief  (2 minute) video  on a cold
November day!!!
Christmas 2000
This is what I see when I run through
the tunnel
That's not me playing in the background......its Molly and Jay again. This time a tune called Ashokan Farewell
Christmas 2006
Her very ow n street sign
Christmas 2007
Christmas 2008
They think they have a chance of being selected to be the White
House puppies.
Christmas 2009
Bob Dylan has a new Christmas CD and we are on the cover