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Here is a collection of various pictures. Some are friends, some are family, some are things. Come back for thrilling updates. Who knows, you
may find yourself here any day now (that is if you send me your picture and give me permission to publish it). Sit back and relax and listen to the
music of
Abby Newton playing a tune called Catskill Mountain Air/Wagon Wheel Notch.
On the left is my son Tim (his College Graduation proof). On the
right is my high school graduation photo. Is this not eerie?
Tim graduated  cum laud in MAY of 2001 from Manhattan
College where he  majored in Business. In addition to belonging
to 3 separate honor societies, Tim was president of Delta Mu
Delta (the Business National Honor Society), Vice President of
the Economics Club and Treasurer of the Manhattan College
radio station. He was also a part time DJ in keeping with the
family tradition.
Nan and Jeff came for a visit in
August 2000
Tim's Graduation
October 2002 On the newly paved Vermilyea road. Rain,
Schnoz and our good friends Pat and Tom ( Better known as
"TC ") Smith paid us a surprise visit. We only wish we
could see more of them.
In May 2003 we traveled to Pennsylvania to visit Rain's sister Pam
and daughter Coby. Pam now lives in a beautiful stone cottage in the
woods built in the 1700's. While we were there we rediscovered the
Amish culture and especially shoofly pies. We are continuing to
explore the beauty and simplicity of the "Plain People" through
reading and vide
August 2004 and  Patricia and TC came for
another visit. We always are happy to see them
but the wait is way too long. Next year we will
meet in Watkins Glen and spend some more
time together.
Stan and Cathanne paid their annual at the end
of August 2004 with Maria,
Halley and Gabriella
(not pictured). We were happy to see them but
Schnoz missed her friend Rocket who has been
under the weather of late with a touch of
Glaucoma and Diabetes. Keep your chin up
Some of My Photos
Check back for updates
Interesting Juxtaposition
Roxbury Arts Group Photo Contest for
Amateurs and Professionals 2005
Title:    I've got a bad feeling about this!!!
We never made it to Watkins Glen. Instead, In June of 2005 we ventured away from our peaceful home in the
cat skills to Westfield NY to visit  Patricia and TC to celebrate Pat's 60th birthday and Jesse's (their son) 30th
birthday. Verna, Jerry Gia, Schnoz and us stayed in a cottage on Lake Erie for a week.
When we came home we found a newly remodeled kitchen waiting for us. I gave my idea to our friend Bob Lidsky and he designed what
you see here. Check out his website by clicking his name.
After a long and difficult post 9/11search for a
job, Tim was officially licensed as a

Jump to 2006....Tim has decided to give up the
stockbroker thing and go with his true!!! Another professional
musician in the family who has been added to
music page.....
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my space page
Summer 2006
Pam and Steve pulled their long, long
trailer into our driveway and "camped
out" in luxurious splendor for the July 4th
weekend and beyond. Lets hope they
don't move too far away because we
would really miss them.
End of July and once again Maria &
Halley and Stan & Cathanne paid
their annual visit. Here the ladies are
taking a stroll up Heatherland Lane.
May 2007
This is US
Contest Winners
Roxbury Arts Group Community Photo
contest for Amateurs and professionals
Best in Category

First Place

Domestic Animals
Title: The Agility Tunnel
Second Place

Abstract and Artistic
Title: Garden Pond
Haven't seen much of anyone except Pam and Steve for the last number of years. Stan and
Cathanne moved to Georgia.